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Dogs and Pedicures


Harriett likes to lick my feet. She does it  pretty much every night, when I lie down in bed and start reading. She runs down to the end of the bed and licks my feet. She’s really thorough, too. If she really is into it, she’ll even use her teeth on the calluses on my heels. It’s probably weird that I enjoy this, but I do. And how cool is it that I have a dog that does pedicures, right?

I found out about dog nail polish last week. Who knew, there are actually multiple companies that make nail polish for dogs! They dry quickly and have fewer nasty chemicals. I assume this means the finish isn’t as nice as in human nail polish, or else, why aren’t the people nail polishes less toxic too?? So I decided to buy a few and paint my doggies’ nails to match their harnesses. (I went for the Pawdicure brand. I’m such a consumerist pet owner sucker!) But it seems only fair to do a little pedicuring back!

I’ll put up some photos if it goes well. Harriett and Crackers had never had their nails trimmed before they were rescued, so they were so long their little toes were getting deformed, but we’ve been working them back. The vet says not to stress about it, as the next time they get their teeth done, he’ll cut them off close while they’re under anesthesia. So there is still plenty of nail to paint. I’m so amused. Dog nail polish!

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