Short Little Update


Just a quick note for now: I had some of my hormone levels checked and started taking some supplements to help bring them back into balance. However, the new supplements really messed with my digestion, and so I spent some time trying to let my body adjust to them. It was adjusting slowly, but I decided whichever it is of the new supplements I’m taking is just too much for me, and now I’m off the newest group of supplements until I figure out which it is that bothers me. It’s been a couple days with my guts working like they should and I feel GOBS better. Digestion has such a huge impact on energy levels!

More later, as I play catch-up on all those little things, like the blog, that tend to get put on the back burner when things are extra-difficult!

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  1. Having gone through 2+ months of nausea before having my gallbladder out and now learning to eat without it I feel for you. What supplements were you taking? Were they herbs to help with hormones? Those can be tricky. I suggest finding a local shop that specializes in supplements and asking whoever works there about them. They tend to know a lot about the products they sell and how their customers react to them.

    • He put me on four or five different things at once, some herbal, a vitamin, a glandular. Normally I only add one thing at a time, and I just need to stay firm with that practice =-) He’s a nutritionist and the only place that sells that kind of stuff, so I’m sure he’ll have ideas for alternatives once I figure out the culprit!

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