Cuddle Dog Day


Crackers Green Toes

Crackers is having a heavenly day today. I’m in the thick of my expected low point of the week (adios, morphine!) so today has been all about hydrating, stretching, and distraction. Usually, Harriett wants the snuggles and she is bigger and more dominant, so poor Crackers gets shoved to the periphery. But for some reason (probably its just that she’s cold, or maybe because she’s been having some allergies lately), Harriett burrowed under the Big Red Fuzzy Blanket and decided to hibernate today. One of Crackers’s Favorite Things is to lie down on the couch next to me and rest his head on my arm, and today I could feel he was cold so I even got him a blanket so he could cuddle AND be warm. He has his back to me right now, head on my upper arm, and one leg resting on my lower arm as I type this. Doggy Bliss. The human in this equation is pretty happy too–it helps exceedingly to have company that just wants my honest presence. There’s no question of trying to put on a good face for him–he knows how much pain I’m in, he loves me just the same, but he doesn’t come with any attachment to me feeling better. He is here for me and thrilled to be loved after his hard-knock life. He certainly wishes me the best, but I don’t feel like he would be happier if I were not in pain, because he’s about as happy as he can be to have a human who loves him. It’s a comforting company to have today.

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  1. Aren’t animals wonderful? They have a loyal, non-judging unconditional love they have in times of need. Last year when I was pretty much confined to bed for 30 days the neighbours cat would sneak into the house with visitors and plan himself on my bed most days. I was having a rough time and his company was great. As soon as I got better he stopped coming around, he’s never set foot in my room since! It’s like he knew I needed the extra love and support.

    Good luck today (and for the weeks to come), my thoughts are with you. You’re nearly there and doing so well. Sounds like you are doing all the right things and are getting extra cuddles from your little dog.

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