As promised, I have photos of the dog nail polish. They really do look spiffy with their nails done up to match their harnesses and leads. Crackers, like a toddler at the barbershop, is not convinced that having his nails painted doesn’t hurt. He’ll be calm for a while, then start to worry, and finally yelp like I’ve stepped on him or something. It’s a bit disconcerting for me, but I think it’s great handling training for him to get used to, and it will make his nail trimming much less traumatic since he’ll be more accustomed to having the nails handled.

Harriett had Neon Purple on her first try, and now she’s rocking classic Red nails.

Harriett Red Toes Bow

Harriett Red Toes Bow (Photo credit: Chiquita Rosita)

Red Toes Close-up

Red Toes Close-up (Photo credit: Chiquita Rosita)

Crackers Green Toes Stylin'

Crackers Green Toes Stylin’ (Photo credit: Chiquita Rosita)

Crackers Green Toes

Crackers Green Toes (Photo credit: Chiquita Rosita)

The Pawdicures pens are pretty cool–they’re a paint pen where you have to press or pump the tip to get the paint to flow. The flow is rather uneven, but it’s way better than trying to deal with a brush around your dog. The nail polish reminds me of colored white-out in opacity and consistency, but doesn’t get lumpy. It’s water-soluble until it dries, so if you get some on yourself you can wash it off, and a single coat (I prefer thicker coats) dries in about a minute. With one heavier coat you don’t need multiple coats, and although they recommend painting black nails with a base coat of white, I didn’t find this necessary with Crackers, who does have a few little black nails.

Harriet doesn’t mind having hers done much at all, except for some of the holding still part. And yes, Crackers is completely back to his normal self after his traumatic toad incident last week. They are happy and very stylish-looking little doggies.

Harriett Red Toes

Harriett Red Toes (Photo credit: Chiquita Rosita)


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