Look What I Got!


I got a cartoon present! Mr Oh from MrOh.org drew me a little inspiration to keep moving. He has a bunch of great cartoons over there, so please go check out his fun and uplifting work.

With CRPS, using your body is probably THE most important thing one can do to keep from getting worse. It can be hard to get moving when we’re already in pain, but we’re really in a use-it-or-lose-it situation. If we protect our hurting limb (which is what comes naturally as a response to pain), those toxins getting produced in the affected area  (because of our haywire sympathetic nervous system that never got turned off after our injury) stick around instead of getting the help they need to get pushed out of there. In the worst-case scenario, our bones literally slowly melt away as the limb curls up into a swollen ball of misery. When you Google CRPS and go to the images tab, that’s the late-stage CRPS that you are seeing, and it’s a very scary picture to discover when you start researching this condition. I find it so unpleasant to think about that happening to me that I’m not even going to link to it. But that late-stage CRPS progression is exactly what I plan to avoid by doing my yoga and walking my dogs. And so far, it’s working–my bones are still in great shape!

How it can hurt to feel less pain.


A great big thanks to MrOh.org for the lovely yoga cartoon!

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  1. Hey, you’re more than welcome! You inspired me to do some yoga this morning and I had a much better day as a result. Kind of you to post this and link to Mr Oh. Namaste, Rob 🙂

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